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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Making life changes can create stress. Marital problems, divorce, health issues, retirement, relocation, or an empty nest can produce unexpected emotional reactions that can be difficult to understand and manage. Reaching out for support and understanding can make a big difference! 

I offer practical guidance in making sound, life decisions. When life gets complicated or confusing, getting professional help to understand how our past may be complicating the present can ease the stress and clear the confusion.

Handling life changes wisely is a skill that's closely connected to how well we understand our blocks and barriers. Remaining fluid and flexible even under stress enables us to mamange diffcult changes more smoothly.

I use a Three Step approach to working with people. I listen carefully to identify where the impediments to change reside, understand how these impediment(s) operate to create barriers to moving forward, and collaborate with you to create an action plan that addresses the issue(s) leading to a more satisfying life.

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